Welcome to Christ the King Catholic Church

You are warmly welcomed to our vibrant family of Christ the King Catholic Church, Norfolk. Our vision is always to be a vibrant and growing family of God, that welcomes and gives an opportunity to everyone to pray and to serve.

Briefly, our mission is to be active disciples of Jesus Christ. And our goal is to bring the saving grace of Jesus into all our environments. Like Christ our King, our family welcomes both saints and sinners of any culture.Parking space is available at our school, in front of the Church and alongside Columbia Avenue.

Wheelchairs and walking sticks are available, in case you need them. Ask the ushers.Our weekend Masses are as follows: Saturday, at 5.30 p.m. with ordinary Church Music; Sunday, at 8.30 a.m., with the traditional Church Choir; 11.00 a.m. international, with opportunities for intercultural music; 5.00 p.m. with contemporary music.

Weekly mass schedlue

The weekday Masses are as mentioned in the weekly bulletins. In the Commons area, please receive from the ushers or pick up a Mass sheet to guideyou during Mass.

There are also Mass cards in pews for responses.On Sunday, at the 8.30 and 11.00 a.m. Masses, before the readings, children aged 3 – 7 years are led by two catechists to the Bible study room for their Liturgy of the Word. Well prepared Catholics are welcome to receive Holy Communion.

The others may come forward with hands crossed on their chests to receive a blessing.Refreshments are available after the 8.30 and 11.00 a.m. Sunday Masses for fellowship with parishioners.In case you have a child, let the child pick up materials from the basket for use during Mass. A child crying for freedom might find comfort in the Commons area.

Comfort in the Commons area

The parent/guardian is able to follow the Mass very well from the Commons Area. A nursery is also available to parents who want to use it. Dressing is as one can afford for the Lord’s banquet.

Phones should be silenced before entering the sanctuary (the main Church), so that we keep a prayerful atmosphere in honor of the Lord. Rest rooms are on the left of the Hallway opposite the Church. The first aid box is found in the cabinet on which stands the bulletin TV.

Face tissues are available in the Commons. Visitors and those who want to join the parish register at the round table and pick up further information from there. For more information, please read our bulletin, visit our website, or ask ushers, the Pastor, and other leaders around.