Children’s Liturgy of the Word

During the 8:30am and 11:00am Sunday Masses, the children of the congregation are invited to gather and are then escorted out to a room where they will listen to the Liturgy of the Word.  The readings are those of the particular Sunday in the Liturgical Year, but are taken from a children’s lectionary so the children can more easily understand the message.  Training is available for those who love children and wish to share the Gospel with them.

Please note – Children’s Liturgy of the Word does not meet during July and August.

Church Art & Environment

Sandy Butterfield

Volunteers ensure that the church is decorated each week according to the season and celebrations of the Church calendar.  Volunteers are needed to help water and maintain green plants and alter arrangements each week and to help decorate the Church for Christmas and Easter.  “Many hands make light work”.  All individuals, groups and families are invited to participate.

Liturgical Ministries

Altar Servers

Kay Killian
Altar Servers provide an important liturgical function by assisting the clergy before, during, and after the liturgy, and serving as prayer leaders for the congregation.  Mature boys and girls who have received their 1st Holy Communion are eligible and must attend one training session and complete a mentoring process prior to beginning their ministry.

Altar Guild/Sacristan

Kay Killian
Volunteers collect and carefully wash purificators and other linens used for Mass each week. Purificators are the linens used to cleanse the chalice between and after use by communicants. Because the purificator comes into contact with the Blessed Sacrament it is treated with appropriate reverence. It is an encounter of holiness in the ordinary, where work becomes prayer and prayer springs from work. This is a ministry that appeals to the detail oriented person who enjoys working “behind the scenes.” Ideally the commitment would be once a month or less. All are invited to participate in this ministry.


Greta Hovik
First Friday Devotion and Eucharistic Adoration: On the first Friday of each month, exposition of the Blessed Sacrament begins after the 8:30 Mass and concludes at 12 midnight. You are welcome to come any time to pray or if you prefer, commit to a scheduled time for adoration. All individuals are invited to participate in this adoration.

Extraordinary Ministers of the Holy Eucharist

Stephanie Brown 
This lay ministry distributes the Blessed Sacrament to our assemblies and prepares the Sacred Vessels prior to Mass as well as washes, dries, and puts away vessels after Mass.  All individuals who are confirmed and at least 16 years of age are invited to participate in this ministry.   


The Ministry of the Greeters serves the community by recognizing and welcoming each member of the assembly as if that person were Christ. Just as we greet guests to our homes, make them feel welcome and tend to their needs, so do these ministers help the members of the assembly feel welcome and comfortable as they gather for each Liturgy. All individuals, groups and families are welcome to participate in this ministry.


Joe & Susan Bousquet
Proclaiming the Word of God has always been a fundamental part of the Catholic Liturgy.  Lectors read the parish announcements, the scripture, and the Prayers of the Faithful from the pulpit. They are provided with a Gospel Workbook and are asked to prepare for their assigned reading prior to Mass. All individuals who are confirmed are invited to participate in this ministry.

Visitation to Hospitals

Parish Office
The Parish Priest is available to visit any Parishioner or their family members in local hospitals.  Because of current privacy regulations, you must give permission to the admitting clerk of the hospital if you would like them to notify the Parish or you may call the Parish office directly.

Visitation to the Sick and Homebound

Rebecca Hryniewich, President, Legion of Mary
757-839-5160 or 757-853-2206
Evelyn Standle, Vice-President, Legion of Mary
For those in our parish family who are unable to join us in the Sunday celebration, we have a committed group of Eucharistic Ministers who with the Legion of Mary volunteer to bring the Eucharist to the homebound. Visits with the homebound are scheduled during the week based on individual needs. In addition to being commissioned as Eucharistic Ministers, volunteers participate in special training with Fr. Matthias and make their first visits with an experienced mentor. If you or anyone in your family would benefit from this ministry, please contact the parish office.

Ushers and Jr. Ushers

Ken Brink
Ushers and Junior Ushers (Fifth grade and older) serve the parish community by greeting people as they arrive, escorting people to their seats, gathering and securing the collection, assisting in taking gifts to the altar, guiding the flow of communicants as they approach the Eucharistic Ministers and handing out bulletins at the conclusion of Sunday Mass. All individuals are invited to participate in this ministry. 

Prayer Chain

Parish Office
Is a group of Parishioners who pray for general Parish intentions.

Prayer Intentions

Parish Office
Parishioners can rely on volunteers from Christ the King to pray for the specific intentions our Parish family.  Prayer requests can be made by calling the church office.

Spirit of God Catholic Charismatic Prayer Group

Steve & Trish Cyrs

The Spirit of God Catholic Charismatic Prayer Group meets on Wednesdays from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. in the Bible Study Room in the Church.  We always begin with prayer and celebrate our faith in Jesus Christ with songs of praise and worship led by our music ministry.  We spend time listening to, and talking to Our Lord in prayer.  Our group enjoys Teachings, Scripture sharing, and personal testimonies, (sharing how we recognize God’s presence in our lives).  We offer intercessory prayer, (praying for the needs of others). If you need prayer, or enjoy praying for others, please join us.

Worship and Spiritual Life Liturgical Committee

Stephanie Brown

The mission of this committee is to promote and develop ceremonies and environment for the worship of God and the spiritual life our Parish.  It is an advisory committee that reports to Parish Council.  Members represent various liturgical oriented ministries as outlined below.