Objective: That we may never lose hope, whatever the situation may be.

Today’s Gospel text reports a woman who had been afflicted with hemorrhages for twelve years. She had been impoverished by doctors who left her in a worse situation. The disease made it impossible for her to bear children. In a culture that despised barren women, her situation was a double tragedy. Her salvation came from the fact that she did not lose hope. When she heard about Jesus, she approached and touched his garment. Lo and behold, she was healed immediately; but after twelve years of perseverance! Jesus said to her: “Daughter, your faith has saved you.” (Mk 5:34). Had she lost faith or hope, like people who commit suicide, she would not have been saved.

The same gospel text reveals that, after Jairus had requested Jesus to cure his daughter, messengers told him not to trouble Jesus, because the girl had died. Jesus encouraged Jairus saying: “Do not be afraid; just have faith.” (Mk 5:36). In the Jewish culture of Jesus’ time, “a girl of twelve was considered eligible for marriage and childbearing. Death at such an early age was seen as tragic not only because the girl was so young, but because she would never have the chance to marry and have children, to bring new life into the world.” (James DiGiacomo, Sundays with Jesus, p.67).

Jesus moved on to the home of Jairus and came face to face with utter despair. The mourners confirmed the sad news that the girl had died; there was nothing more to be done. So, people were weeping and wailing loudly. Yet Jesus’ statement remained the same: “Do not be afraid; just have faith,” the girl will wake up. The desperate mourners simply ridiculed him. All the same, Jesus raised the girl, proving that, for those who believe him, life is stronger than death and hope conquers despair.
This reminds me of the case of Fr. Benedict Groeschel of EWTN, who was clinically dead for 27 minutes. His religious Brothers kept praying for him until he regained his life.
Brothers and Sisters in Christ, you may be having a problem in your life, may be sickness, a difficulty at home or at the work place, or in the neighborhood, do not lose hope; take the problem to Jesus constantly and with sincere faith and hope.

The problem may last 12 years, like in the case of the woman with hemorrhages, or 38 years, like in the case of the paralytic in John 5:1-17. If it is sickness, it may even reach death, like in the case of Jairus’ daughter. Whatever the problem may be, never lose hope. Continue to take the problem to Jesus. At the time he judges best, he will give you the answer he considers to be the best for you, because, as He says in the book of Wisdom (1:13), God does not rejoice in the destruction of the living.

In the case of sickness, please, remember that Christ still cures people through the sacrament of Anointing of the Sick. Do not hesitate to come or bring someone for that sacrament.
We should also keep in mind, that this world is not our home. One day, Jesus will transfer us from this imperfect life to eternal life. Moreover, He gives Himself to us in Holy Communion to enable us have eternal life and happiness. So, we should NEVER LOSE HOPE IN GOD. In any case, what would we gain by losing hope?