We are lucky to have the Rosary, a summary of the Bible; a way of revising the mysteries of our salvation as we praise God and our Spiritual Mother (Jn 19:26) & Intercessor (Jn 2 : Cana).

CREED: Summary of the articles of our faith and mysteries of our salvation.

Mt 6:9-13 God the Father

Gn 1-2 Creator

1 Jn 5: 6-12 Jesus Christ, His only Son                                                 

Lk 2:1-13 Born of the Virgin Mary

Lk 23; 24;      Crucified under Pontius Pilate            

Lk 24:6:         He rose from the dead

Acts 1:9:        He ascended into heaven

Mt 25:31-46 He shall come to judge the living and the dead         

Jn 20:22    Holy Spirit: “He breathed on them and said receive the Holy Spirit”   

Mt 16:18: On this rock I will build my Church

Rev 7:19-20 Communion of the saints  

Mt 28:19     ”Make disciples of all nations =universal/Catholic;  Baptizing them…                                                            

Mt 6:14:      Forgiveness of sins: “If you forgive….”                                  

Mt 22:31-32 The resurrection of the body

Mt 19:29: Life everlasting

Jn 17:      Oneness             

 OUR FATHER: Mt 6:9-13

 HAIL MARY: Lk 1:28, Gabriel (Archangel): ”Hail, favored one! “ =full of grace (charis) = kecharitomene

= gratia plena   = immaculate = sinless; cf. Rom 6:14 (justified), Ineffibilis Deus of Pius IX; “The Lord is with you”,

Lk 1:42, Eliz: ”Most blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb”

Blessed =( See Webster Dic.) Consecrated, adorable, heavenly, beatified, happy, holy

Cf. Gn 2:3 “God blessed the 7th day & made it holy (worthy of devotion), holy in Ps 99:9 = having a divine quality; venerable.

Lk 1:48, Mary: “from now on all ages will call me blessed”,  + Petition               

43, Eliz: “And how does this happen to me, that the MOTHER OF MY LORD should come to me.

Mother of my Lord : Theotokos, a term adopted by the Ecumenical Council of Ephesus in 431, against Nestorian Christotokos. Theotokos is the reason for HAIL, BLESSED, FAVORED.

 GLORY: Lk 2:14: Angels “Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace…” before the shepherds.



I:             Lk 1:26-31 The Annunceation

II:            Lk 1:39-40 The Visitation     

III:           Lk 2:7 The Nativity                

IV:          Lk 2:22-24 The Presentation in the Temple

V:            Lk 2:46 The Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple



I:             Mt 26:37-38 The Agony in the Garden    

II:            Mt 27:26   The Scourging         

III:           Mt 27:29    The Crowning with Thorns               

IV:          Jn 19:17      Jesus Carries His Cross      

V:            Jn 19:18 The Crucifixion         



I:             Lk 24:6 The Resurrection          

II:            Lk 24:51 The Ascension

III:           Acts 2:1-4 The Descent of the Holy Spirit Cf. Jn 20:22: Receive the Holy Spirit  

IV:          The Assumption: Dogma by Pope Pius XII in “Munificentissimus Deus” of Nov. 1st 1950. Cf. Jn 14:3 “I will come back again and take you to myself” used by Pope  John Paul II on Aug. 15th 2004, at Lourdes, as proof of the assumption.

V:            Rev. 12:1-2: The Coronation (Regina Caeli): A woman with 12 stars representing the 12 tribes of Israel and the 12 Apostles, hence representing the Church 

                Church called Mary “Queen” since 4th Century; Pope Pius XII, in his encyclical “ Ad Caeli Reginam”, Instituted a feast for the Queenship of Mary; Cf. Vatican II LG 59.


LUMINOUS MYSTERIES BY Pope John Paul II (On the public ministry of Jesus)

I:             Mt 3:13-17: Baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River

II:            Jn 2: The Wedding at Cana

III:           Mk 1:15: Jesus announces the Kingdom of God

IV:          Lk 9:28-36: The Transfiguration

V:            Lk 22:19: The Institution of the H. Eucharist