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At Christ the King, we view a “Blessed Community” as a people who live God’s Word, united in faith, recognizing our individual talents and gifts, and radiating those talents like a light of Christ into our parish, community and world.

How do we define stewardship? Careful, responsible & prayerful management of the growth and vibrancy of CTK is entrusted to us on behalf of our Lord so that all may grow in his Word through our Church – that is how we define a Blessed Community.

In a Blessed Community, we view stewardship as “Christship”. Stewardship requires first and foremost that we each pray and reflect on the many blessings God has given each of us. Only after prayerful reflection, can we then decide what measure of our Blessings we ought to give back – not 5% of income, not 10% but what our heartfelt prayers reveal to us – including Time and Talent. And then commit to this measure on an annual basis, make it part of our our spiritual lifestyle; as part of your spiritual walk with God.

Tithing is also an on-going commitment, again – part of your “walk”. Giving is NOT easy. It requires a change in behavior as much as in spirit. Some members are Blessed, but many others are struggling. Church giving has not exceeded 3% as a portion of income in over 40 years. Some studies show that 70% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. We believe that generosity must first start with God. That is how we are vastly enriched – from the spiritual self outwards. It’s about testimony on our Blessings; tithing is how an individual and/or family define their own blessings and call to give back to God. The church’s responsibility is to focus their tithe to ensure a debt-free Parish that is vibrant, and growing, meeting their needs – and where a portion of the funds will be given as a church to charity.

Your stewardship is central to the growth and vibrancy of our Parish.