CTK School

Christ the King School Website: http://ctkparish.org

Principal: Kim V. Callahan

At Christ the King we remain rooted in the Catholic tradition of Christ-centered values serving as a dynamic center of excellence for life-long learning and community-based leadership to cultivate the potential of children and young adults to succeed in a competitive global society.

Since 1954, Christ the King CatholicSchool’s mission has been to welcome children into our parish school, offering them an excellent, competitive, safe learning environment filled with dedication, challenge, and hope. Our purpose is to provide the educational opportunities needed for our children to meet the challenges of the 21st century and beyond.

We view our school as an extension of our Christian worldview that includes rigorous academic, spiritual and extra-curricular programs aimed to enrich the “mind, body and spirit” of our students.  When you visit Christ the King Catholic School don’t be surprised if you are swept by the excitement, enthusiasm and energy of our environment. God has graced us with over fifty years of experience and we ask for His blessings to continue His work in leading young people to His Kingdom.

As on one of the Parish’s seven core ministries, Christ the King Catholic School has 7 core areas of its own to measure educational excellence.  These include: Enrollment, Curriculum Enrichment, Staffing, Finances, Facilities, Advancement, and Catholic Identity.  The philosophies and top three priorities for each core area are listed below.

Enrollment: Philosophy: Our school family should grow to fulfill our vision, reflect our community demographic and thrive within a competitively affordable learning environment. Top 3 Priorities: Tied to Vision; Diverse population; Affordable.

Curriculum Enrichment: Philosophy: Create a rich, fun, adaptive, dynamic & challenging learning environment that incorporates a dynamic learning program and adaptive education resources. Top 3 Priorities: Class size at/less than 20; Dynamic learning program; Adaptive educational resources

Staffing: Philosophy: Maintain a friendly, service-oriented, skill-based staff focused on networking and collaboration with our school & parish community. Top 3 Priorities: Service-oriented; Focused on networking; Skill-based

Finance: Philosophy: Establish a program of fiscal stewardship to ensure competitive affordability and qualitative up-keep. Top 3 Priorities: Dedicated development program; Ensures competitive quality; Sustains maintenance, renovations

Facilities: Philosophy: Physical capabilities should be technologically advanced, provide for a safe environment & be accessible to all individuals. Top 3 Priorities: Safe, secure environment; State of the Art; Accessible to all individuals

Advancement: Philosophy: In order to insure there are adequate financial resources for the School, the Advancement Board plans and administers all fundraising programs and activities by developing fund raising goals, objectives and action steps bases in the needs of the School.  It develops and coordinates all capital campaign for building, expansion, and other programs and offers creative and active leadership for the organization at large.  In addition it insures the community is aware of the mission/vision of the organization.  Top 3 Priorities: Comprised of our community; Tied to financial philosophy; Designed to “outreach” our story

Catholic Identity: Philosophy: Establish a Gospel-based foundation that supports and sustains our academic, recreation, athletic, civic and parish outreach activities & community service. Top 3 Priorities: Gospel-based environment; Proactive outreach programs; Interdependent partnership with Parish.