In Ad 28 or 29, when John the Baptist was baptizing repentant sinners, Jesus too was baptized at age 30 or 31.

Why was Jesus baptized? Was he also a repentant sinner? No. He was baptized for the following reasons:

  • To side with repentant sinners for he was born to save sinners.
  • To take upon himself the sins of humanity in order to crucify them on his cross.
  • To give an opportunity to humanity to die to sin in order to rise to holiness (symbolized by immersing in water and rising up. Cf. Easter Candle in water).
  • To occasion the revelation of the Holy Trinity for the first time, since all his disciples would have to be baptized in the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit (Mt 28:19)
  • To underline the importance of baptism in water and Holy Spirit as the door to the Church, to all sacraments and to the Kingdom of Heaven (Jn 3:5; cf. Canon 849).
  • To enable humanity become adopted sons and daughters of God.
  • To be revealed by God the Father as his beloved Son with whom he is well pleased (Mk 1:11, Mt 3:17, Ps 2:17, Isaiah 42:1).
  • To be introduced as the awaited Servant of God, the Savior (Joshua, Jesus).
  • To be anointed and equipped by the Holy Spirit to start his mission like Joshua was anointed to make Jews cross the Jordan River to go to the promised land.
  • To be commissioned to start his mission.
  • To occasion God’s opening of the heavens in answer to Isaiah’s prayer (63:15-19), after 300 years of absence of prophets on whom the Holy Spirit could rest.
  • To bless the baptismal waters for our baptism.


What does all this mean for us? It means:


  • That God loves us so much that he does all that for our salvation.
  • That each one of us is very important to God.
  • That we have to remember and take our baptism seriously.
  • That we should be aware of and protect our dignity and holiness and not participate in promiscuity, hooliganism, vandalism, hatred, revenge or any other violence, not even verbal violence.
  • That we have a mission to evangelize and lead others to baptism.
  • That we have to always do God´s will in order to remain beloved sons and daughters of God, with whom he is well pleased.
  • That Children do whatever your parents tell you to do so that you may beloved children of your parents. You can only refuse when they tell you to do something against God’s commandments.
  • That we are invited to the heavenly banquet.